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Unthinkable Package

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Hi, this is Cloudy! Welcome & thank you for joining! Please send a mail with your name & address to, so I know where to ship the autograph cards and what name to put in the video description! Also, let me know if you want any other name than yours written on the cards .)

Here's the link to the community chat group:

At any point, if you have questions or feedback, feel free to DM me on Instagram or write a mail to! :)

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With the confirmation of the purchase I also agree to a waiver of revocation, as I will get immediate access to contents.

Infos zum Kauf

With the Unthinkable Package you will receive:

  • everything from the "Cloudy Club" Reward plus:
  • a monthly livestream with music, news about the creation process of the upcoming music + Q&A
  • your name in the video description of my next music video on YouTube
  • 1x monthly podcast episode on all songs one by one

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