Cloudy June

Cloudy Club

  • 5,00 € per month
  • approx. $5.28 per month

As a Cloudy Club member you get:

  • Access to the exclusive community chat group
  • Weekly Behind-The-Scenes entries with photos, lyrics & insights into the creation process of the music
  • Access to exclusive unpublished photos from my photoshoots
  • Two personalized autograph cards 
  • Early information on upcoming music releases, tour dates, merch etc.

Unthinkable Package

  • 10,00 € per month
  • approx. $10.56 per month

With the Unthinkable Package you will receive:

  • everything from the "Cloudy Club" Reward plus:
  • a monthly livestream with music, news about the creation process of the upcoming music + Q&A
  • your name in the video description of my next music video on YouTube
  • 1x monthly podcast episode on all songs one by one Cloudy June, and immediately

get access to all exclusive posts.

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