Seven Ravens (One-off)

  • at least 30,00 € (one-time only)
  • approx. $35.39 (one-time only)

The mockingbird must sing! This is the "solidarity option". I'm heading back to the studio, and your financial support helps cover my costs. I'll send you one raven per month, bearing a poem, a picture and a letter.

Plus, a gift for a gift: a seventh raven will come bearing a live CD.

The last raven will rap on your shutters on Christmas day, winds permitting.

This is a one-off payment. If you'd prefer to pay gradually every month, look under "Rewards".

One of the suppliers is currently facing delays due to Covid-19, so I can't say exactly when the CD will be ready to take wing.


  • at least 200,00 € (one-time only)
  • approx. $235.94 (one-time only)

I'm itching to get back on the trail and sing to you again. If you'd like to book me for a house show, a birthday, a wedding, the launching of a warship or whatever it may be, I might as well give you the chance to do so now.

Travel costs will vary so this may not be the final price. Please contact me with your request on Rookling, and immediately

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