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Fairytale Reward

  • 2,00 € per month
  • approx. $2.26 per month

I warmly welcome you to my Fairytale. As a show of my eternal gratitude, you will receive:

-access to exclusive content (rare photographs, videos, behind the scenes material)

-story behind those photographs and videos

-early release date announcements for upcoming singles, music videos and upcoming tours

Utopia Reward

  • 4,00 € per month
  • approx. $4.53 per month

I warmly welcome you to my Utopia world. Here I shall give you:


{Fairytale Reward included}

-you´ll listen to my upcoming songs before anyone else

-you´ll watch my upcoming music videos including trailers before anyone else

-notes of my music video scripts

-first demo takes of released songs

-chat with me daily on getnext (Community function for SWITD and friends)

-styling & makeup (BTS video/photo updates regularly)

-I´ll upload home videos titled "Facts about Snow White In The Dark"

-you´ll get access to a report from the recording studio, making-ofs, interviews, rehearsals and more

Paradise Reward

  • 9,00 € per month
  • approx. $10.18 per month

I warmly welcome you to my Paradise. You are hereby designated:

{Fairytale Reward + Utopia Reward included}

-instrumental versions of released songs

-full cover songs for Mp3

-full videos of cover songs (BTS included)

-hangout with me via video chat (you´ll get access to my private Instagram account SWITD and friends)

-I´ll follow you on my private Instagram account

-shoutout from my main Instagram account

-you´ll always be informed about what I´m currently working on via photos or short video updates 

-you may be the first to hear unreleased songs

-stories/notes about how my songs developed (meaning behind the songs)

-access to my new lyrics and poems

-last but not least I´ll share my diary entries with you snowwhiteinthedark, and immediately

get access to all exclusive posts.

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