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The Tour DVD

This is it. The full tour video is online. Enjoy. ...

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Basic Reward

  • 1,00 € per month
  • approx. $1.17 per month

This is your first Reward, a subscription offer to your fans. You choose what you offer at what time and which price. Focus on your work, quality rather than on quantity and plan ahead, to build your community and fan base. More infos about Rewards are to be found at our GetCloser blog.

Early Bird and Bonus Package

  • 9,99 € per month
  • approx. $11.71 per month

There are many ways, to build your community. Two best practice examples are "Early Bird" and "Bonus Packages". This works for music and video artists, as well as celebrities in general.

Early Bird: Let your fans here know about updates days ahead, to reward their support.

Bonus Material: Footage from behind the scenes or the rehearsals, extra songs or specials like limited poster prints are what makes a fans heart pump. A rare bonus can be props from the set or original items, like the drumsticks used at the concert or the jacket, the hero in the movie whore.

Single Reward

  • at least 8,00 € (one-time only)
  • approx. $9.38

This is your option to sell single items, like movies, downloads, albums... feel free. With this you offer a single price with a one time payment.

A) With a fixed price.

B) With a minimum price and free for fans, to pay as much as they want. The Artist, and immediately

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