Custom made t-shirt by Guernica worn summer 2021

  • 50,00 € (one-time only)
  • approx. $56.82
0 available

Hi guys, I customized my TM tee for a gig this summer and now it can be yours!

If you'd like me to sign it, I would happily do so. =)

Now let's see who gets to rock this beauty!

Greeting Video

  • 24,99 € (one-time only)
  • approx. $28.40

We record a personal video for you or your beloved one!

Handwritten Song Lyrics

  • 29,99 € (one-time only)
  • approx. $34.08

Additional shipping costs apply when shipping outside the EU!

Drum Lesson with Emlee - special Price!

  • 49,99 € (one-time only)
  • approx. $56.80

30 minutes Drum Video Lesson with Emlee via Skype, Zoom, etc.

Guitar Lesson with Filippa - special Price!

  • 49,99 € (one-time only)
  • approx. $56.80

30min Guitar Video Lesson with Filippa via Skype, Zoom, etc. Thundermother, and immediately

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