Handwritten Song Lyrics

  • 29,99 € (one-time only)
  • approx. $31.68

Additional shipping costs apply when shipping outside the EU!

Necklace - Handmade By Filippa Nässil

  • at least 40,00 € (one-time only)
  • approx. $42.25
0 available

Hey!! I have made 6 limited necklaces over the weekend. I banged in "Rockin'" with my bad ass hammer, put on a a heart with wings on with real leather that I've had fun putting on fire with together with iron wire. All necklaces are adjustable for your neck. Lowest price is 40 Euros for my time, my material and it includes shipping! If you wanna give more thats OK too, and I will buy even more material!

Thanks for your support in my interests! / Love Filippa

Thundermother Q&A from Baggpipe Studios

  • 10,00 € (one-time only)
  • approx. $10.56

As you already might know, we are recording the next Thundermother album in the legendary Baggpipe recording studio. We will host a very exclusive Q&A hangout from the studio now on Saturday, the 29th of January.

We'll try to answer all of your questions, so hit us up! We will also show you around in the studio, talk a bit about the work process and the songs. Maybe you'll hear a riff or two ;)

The event will happen now on Saturday the 29th of January at 19:30 (CET; UTC+01:00).

You can buy a ticket for the Q&A event here below.

Everyone with a Rock ´n´ Roll Heaven or Rock ´n´ Roll God reward will be able to join this very special event for free.

The Q&A will take place on Zoom and you will find the URL and instructions here.

Greeting Video

  • 24,99 € (one-time only)
  • approx. $26.40

We record a personal video for you or your beloved one!

Drum Lesson with Emlee - special Price!

  • 49,99 € (one-time only)
  • approx. $52.80

30 minutes Drum Video Lesson with Emlee via Skype, Zoom, etc. Thundermother, and immediately

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