getnext, the German fan platform as an answer to

getnext, the German fan platform as an
answer to Patreon.

  • Technically, getnext is a virtual marketplace, where artists, creators and media professionals can offer content once or as subscription to their own fans
  • direct payment processing between artist and fans
  • E-Commerce/data security according to German/EU law
  • Artists themselves remain owner of their rights of use
  • Independence and service from one source
  • Curated portfolio of artists

Due to reports on the US American crowdfunding platform Patreon by Bild Zeitung,
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung, Direct-to-
Fan-Business has become a topic of interest in Germany now. Patreon offerings are
widely discussed now: high licence revenue of some few participants as well as
financing participants associated with questionable content for adult entertainment or
conspiracy theories.

The main difference between getnext and Patreon is how added value is created for
artists. On getnext, artists offer content on one-time or subscription basis in their own
name and on their own account. Thus, artists remain sole owner of their own copy
rights. Compared to this, Patreon offers conservative licenced usage on subscription
basis only. Being a marketplace, getnext provides more features: media
professionals may store content like videos copy-proof on getnext-owned servers in
Germany, instead of having to use further platforms like Youtube. Payments are
processed directly to the artists’ accounts on a monthly basis – like a regular income.
Furthermore, there is no need to fear appearing next to questionable contents. To
ensure high quality standards, artists must apply or be invited to join the platform.
Therefore, and compared to Patreon, getnext provides complementary features plus

Joachim Witt, Henning Wehland or Das Lumpenpack are notable among those artists
active on getnext.

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