What means "direct-to-fan transaction" platform?

On this platform, artists can offer their content directly to their fans and followers in the form of rewards. Artists run their profile page independently by themselves. Content and price are also defined by the artist only. The platform is free of advertisements. The platform receives a fee for its transaction and service.

Who is getnext good for?

getnext is a direct to fan transaction platform. It is addressed to original artists and their fans and followers. It is a trusted platform and does not share user or artist data with third parties. It does not put up advertisements and has a focus on quality content.

How can I create an artist account?

To create an artist profile page you need to get an invitation from the getnext team. For further information, please, click this link: https://getnext.to/portal/signup-as-artist

What can be offered and expected on getnext?

Artists can offer almost endless content on their profile page. This can be music, lyrics, pictures, videos, layouts, previews, VIP packages, early access to content, meet and greet, merchandise, etc. Artists always determine themselves the price and content of their rewards. getnext doesn´t influence content and price.

Who creates the Artist/Star profiles? Who's is responsible for the content?

The artist creates his own profile him/herself. He/She is also responsible for the content. The artist can only register him/herself on getnext if he/she is invited by us. With this, we intend to avoid any fraud.

How can I join getnext as a fan?

You will find your sign up on top of the start page of getnext.to.

What are rewards?

Artist content will be offered via a subscription-based model.

Am I free to cancel my artist reward at any time?

Yes, you are. The duration time of a paid subscription is one month. You can cancel anytime. Your reward then runs until the end of the billing period.
Simply log in and "deactivate" it in the purchase overview (click on My Profile (mobile on the three bars at the top right -> Purchases)).

How can I change my deposited bank details for subscriptions?

If you want to change payment data for current subscriptions, you can find this function in the purchase overview in your profile settings: Click on your user name at the top right (mobile on the three bars) -> Purchases/Purchases, see button: "Change subscription/payment details".

Does the platform use and share my personal data?

No, your data will be safe and not passed on to third parties. We only use the data to guarantee the best service on the platform. The collected data on the artist's profile page is owned by the artist.

Our terms of use give you an overview of our data protection.

Are there any age restrictions for artists?

Principally not. It just needs a legally competent person for transactions and collecting revenues.

How does the payment procedure work?

getnext co-operates with payment partners (eg Stripe), and all payment transactions are processed there. The payment partners collect the money from the fan and then forward it to the artist.