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What am I doing Here?

Emily What are you doing here?

Hello to all my lovely fans and followers. Yes the same question, why are you here? What do you hope to achieve? My answer could not be more simple, have you been watching the news? This horrendous pandemic has crippled the world in countless ways including a huge decrease in your favourite artists releasing new material due to restrictions. getnext offers a win/win situation, a WIN for you in that you have a more direct link to myself, so no more starring at direct messages hoping to get a response plus you get better content than those not on getnext. It's a WIN for me as an artist for it enables me to better understand YOU my audience so when I am creating and working on projects I have a better idea of what YOU WANT. Giving my work that commercial edge over others, you get the product you want, I get the work I want.

Also, I do a lot of charity work and I'm currently working on my debut album, the proceeds from which will be going towards one of the charities I support.

My artist posts will be growing gradually with the content promised in the Emily Turrini Tribe Membership. Single rewards will also be added over time depending on what my wonderful fans want, so be prepared for regular polls. As an idea, these single rewards could be signed images of previous photoshoots, Q & A sessions and feedback on work for students (student status must be proved).

You can find my biggest interview at Authority Magazine:

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Breaking News!!!!

My long time dream project has met my wrath and although the story and principal characters are unchanged. The rest of it has undergone a massive transformation.

My New Favourite T-shirt!

Yay, I finally took my all-important photo.

Me in my BlutEngel T-shirt.

At the same time as receiving this, I also received my BlutEngel membership cards. I only recently started listening to this amazing band, September 2020.

I fell in love with their unique style but also the sheer focus on detail to their lyrics, videos and the hidden stories and meanings within them.

Sneak Peek

Good morning my lovely getnexters.

Here we are, the first sneak peek video in the behind the scenes series. In this clip I show you where the ideas for my work come to me. I know it's very short but I hope you enjoy it.

What would you like to see next?


Rise and shine my lovely tribe. This is your morning forecast on what is to come in the world of Emily Turrini and the community.

Emily Turrini Tribe Membership

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Monthly subscription! This is the place to come for exclusive insights into the crazy world of my office. You will receive never before seen content such as my very early work which I have kept hidden away. You get to interact with me both as a fan and an artist. YEAHH!!!! Also instore are podcasts offering sneak peeks into current projects...if you are a student of acting, dance or creative writing you will also get to learn a few hints and tips from me. By becoming a member of the Emily Turrini Tribe you are not only supporting my work as a disabled artist you are also supporting the arts industry and therefore YOU should be justly rewarded. Join my tribe and be surprised! CAN BE CANCELLED AT ANY TIME!

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