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Polls are a powerful tool!

Ask your fans about what they like, what they prefer in general or about specific details. Where should be the next event, who should be the special guest or what do they think about that new product.

Do you like the new XX product line?

A Day Ou with Cadillac

Come with us on a tour with old supercar experts and enjoy a ride...

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Exclusive Brand Events

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Take your community to exclusive Brand Events. Backstage, behind the scenes, first row and lounge at concerts, gigs and special happenings will be a perfect tool to connect fans with your brand.

Tell them, what to expect. A show every month, updated about the band, the program and news only your fans get. Plan ahead and tease them on all your social media channels.

Meet & Greet

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Best for a fan is to meet their idol face to face. Buy in for a meet and greet and offer these very special moments limited. Premium Brand Channel, and immediately

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