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Previusly Unreleased Torcha Midsummer Tour 93' Documentary

  • 10,00 € per month
  • approx. $10.74 per month

Hello dear fans and supporters!

To celebrate Torcha Anniversary and to treat you for the Midsummer season, we are now giving access to previously unreleased 45-minute video documentary of our Torcha Midsummer Tour in Finland. The year was - of course - 1993 and we were young and crazy! Some things never change and you can guess which one of these has prevailed. In this clip you will see authentic tour life and how people reacted to our music already back then. Please see the little snippet linked to this post to see how it was :D

This is part of our Torcha celebration and we sure hope to have same kind of atmosphere in the upcoming Classic Line Up Gigs in September - do you have your tickets already? There you will see the same guys as in this documentary, playing live again and playing Torcha album + some extras!

You can find all the details for this tour on our website

There's also some crazy crowd surfers at the end of this video. If you know who they are, have them send us email at waltari.official@gmail.com - we have something special for them!

Now - get your snacks and cold drinks ready, click buy reward, enter your email address - we'll send you the access link to the documentary! Alternatively you can join in as Fun Club member to view this documentary (and lot more) as a part of your membership.

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