Unreleased album Waltari Demos 1986-1987

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This album includes 25 demo songs from the very first years of Waltari. Buy it now online!

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Waltari Trio Q& A

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What was the beginning of Waltari? How did it start? What was their strangest gig? And how is Sale's mom related to all this?

Listen to the Q&A session 25.3.2022 and learn this and many more things.

Autographed record

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19 available

Buy here a random Waltari record from Kärtsy's own collection. With autographs, naturally!

Punk - SaleTote 1st rehearsals! Feb 1986

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Listen to the rehearsals from the early years with Sale and Tote.

The beginning of Waltari

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On Saturday 19.2.2022, Waltari had a live gig in Tallinn, Estonia, after a long COVID-19 break.

But how did it all start?

Buy access to the 10 whole minute video where Kärtsy tells about Waltari's first steps.

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