#OpportunityUpdate •• Songwriting Camp ZAiKS 11.09. - 18.09. 2022

Songwriting Camp ZAiKS is a meeting place for composers, songwriters, instrumentalists, vocalists, and producers from all over Europe. Throughout the week, qualified participants from the submitted applications have the opportunity to create and record songs and music, together with invited stars and producers.

However, the purpose of the event is not only to create but above all to share creative experiences and establish musical friendships. It is also expanding knowledge about the current music market, raising awareness in the field of copyright, popularizing creative activities in cooperation with other creators, and stimulating active participation in activities related to musical culture.

Application period till July 5th.


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23.05.2022 7pm Artist Meetup @ Birgit und Bier

The Music Pool Berlin Artists Meet Up offers a platform for musicians to share their music projects with a wider musician community, to get to know what other musicians are currently working on and ask for feedback, ideas, or support, and find new collaborators. The meetup also creates exchanges across music scenes in Berlin.

How does it work? Each time, 8 musicians present their music, a new project, band, label, studio, etc. - for 10 min each. They play songs or tracks live, or present their latest music video, they ask the audience for feedback or talk about what they are looking for. After the presentations, there is music and drinks, and time and space to get to know each other. To chat more about the presentations, to discuss potential collaborations, and to exchange ideas and contacts. And to move better together than alone.

We look forward to another meetup of exchange - between scenes, different interests, and experiences, and on new joint pathways.

Want to present at the Artist Meetup? We have a total of eight slots of ten minutes each. Please write in a short email to andrea (at) musicpoolberlin (dot) net what you would like to present, until May 15, 2022. Of course, it is also worthwhile for those who do not present to come by and meet the other artists and music makers.

Please register to attend. No entrance fee.


19.05.2022 4:30pm WISE Workshop •• How Artist Data can be used to support Booking Decisions

This workshop introduces and discusses a music intelligence tool developed by the ESNS (Eurosonic Noorderslag) conference, that collects and analyses data about European acts. The "ESNS Radar & Analytics" connects to different data sources and analyses data on social media following, streaming numbers, bookings and airplay in order to provide information about emerging artists.

The workshop will be a presentation of the tool, looking at the back-end of the database, presenting how to use the tool, and a discussion about interpreting the data.

Booking agents, festival organizers, promoters etc will learn how to use the tool to gather additional information in support of their booking decisions.

Artists will learn in a transparent way, how their data are being analysed, and which parameters are relevant for being invited to the likes of ESNS.

The workshop is hosted by:

Oskar Strajn - is one of the bookers at ESNS. He works closely with the Music Moves Europe Awards, as well as the ESNS Radar manager. In the past, Oskar has worked as radio dj, journalist and event promoter.

The workshop is part of the WISE future festival and think tank, and offered in collaboration also to the Music Pool community free of charge.


23.05.2022 1pm The Press Photo - a hands on workshop

Do you struggle in front of a camera? Are you perpetually dissatisfied with your press photos? Would you like for them to reflect your artistic persona and music more accurately? During this workshop, I will help you conceptualize a photo shoot (art direction, location, styling, lighting, type of photography, etc.) and put together a mood board / visual brief that will articulate your ideas clearly. I will also guide you through a series of exercises create to overcome camera fright.


Target Group

Artists who want to optimize their visual identity and are looking to take press pics that are qualitatively up to par with the best artists in the game.


Learning Outcome

In this workshop, you will learn how to isolate key narratives that correspond to your music and artistic persona. You will translate this information into a visual concept in the form of a visual directive for a photographer. You will go through a set of exercises designed to overcome “camera fright” and help you give the camera and the photographer what they need to capture an expressive, vivid, and emotionally connected photo.

Coach: Lukasz Polowcyzk


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09.05. + 10.05.2022 14-17 Uhr ONLINE Workshop •• Datenanalyse für Musikschaffende

Digitale Daten voll ausnutzen kann für dich der nächste Schritt zum Erfolg sein. Doch wie kannst du wirklich effizient die wichtigsten Daten aus deinen Social Media Plattformen und Streaming Diensten zusammenführen und auswerten?

In diesem Workshop lernst du die Grundprinzipien der Datenanalyse und wie du gezielt Fragestellungen mit Datenanalyse beantworten kannst.


Bei Interesse (und Bereitschaft eines oder mehrerer Teilnehmer*innen) kann eine Case Study anhand eines konkreten Falls im Workshop durchgeführt werden. 


  • Strategische Planung der Datenanalyse
  • Untersuchungs-Fokus festlegen
  • Wichtige Begrifflichkeit klären
  • Excel für die Datenanalyse nutzen
  • Welche Plattformen machen allgemein Sinn?
  • Software Lösungen für die Datenanalyse
  • Live Consulting von bis zu zwei Teilnehmenden (wenn gewünscht)



Musikschaffende, die verschiedene digitale Plattformen nutzen



Effizient die wichtigsten Daten aus Social Media Plattformen und Streaming Diensten zusammenführen und auswerten



  • TEIL 1 - 09.05.2022 - 14h-17h
  • TEIL 2 - 10.05.2022 - 14h-17h

Coach: Sara-Lena Probst


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