05.03.2024 2pm to 6pm // How to Use TikTok & Reels for Musicians

"How to Use TikTok & Reels for Musicians" This workshop will walk musicians through approaches and strategies for utilizing TikTok and Reels effectively. How do I successfully use TikTok & Reels for my music career? What kind of content works? How often should I be posting? To answer this and more questions we will be talking about:

  •   Understanding the Significance of TikTok and Reels for Musicians
  •   Building Your Music Brand on TikTok and Reels
  •   Identifying Trends and Viral Challenges: Guidance on recognizing and participating in popular trends to boost visibility.
  •   Crafting a unique and recognizable brand identity on TikTok and Reels
  •   How do I craft Crafting Compelling Content?
  •   Navigating the Platforms and Algorithm Insights

At the end of the workshop, you will be able to complete a task and get direct and personalized feedback from the workshop leader.


27.02.2024 7pm // Community Event: Teaching Music - as part of musicians' creative practice

We would like to discuss music teaching as an interesting, enriching, and inspiring part of a musician's creative practice. Many musicians have to teach music as part of their overall portfolio, as it is a way to make an income with music. For many, it is a necessary thing, and they would rather spend the teaching time on making their own music if they had the means. How can teaching be a productive and exciting part of a musician's creative practice?

We would like to discuss with passionate music teachers about their experiences of sharing musical skills and creativity with others. How have they started out and learned teaching? What are their best practices? What do they enjoy and what do they struggle with? What do they recommend to artists who are interested in teaching on how to get started? How much teaching is a good balance with one's own practice? What are different models – working with kids, with adults, with groups, with individuals .. and what are differences in approaches?

In the networking part of the evening, musicians can meet people offering training on music teaching or opportunities to teach, and take a first step to get started.

The evening is meant for both musicians who already teach as an exchange of experiences, and also musicians who are interested in teaching and consider starting to teach as part of their portfolio.

We look forward to a conversation with:

Drob Dynamic is a rapper, rap coach, social worker and the founder of the BERLIN HIPHOP AKADEMIE. He was born in Berlin Kreuzberg and he will share his experiences with us about his work in the hiphop culture. His main focus is working with young people / newcomers.

Sara Neidorf (she/they, b. 1990, Philadelphia) is a Berlin-based drummer and film curator. She drums in the genre-expansive, heavy bands Mellowdeath, Aptera, Graien, Mad Kate | The Tide and in the dual-continent duo Sarattma. As a session musician, she's recorded and toured internationally with such artists as The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Tau, and Sometimes With Others, and has also drummed for theater and dance productions at the Volksbühne, Berliner Ensemble, Sophiensaele, Radialsystem, and at festivals such as Berlin Atonal, Tanztage, 3hd, and Grauzone. As an instructor, Neidorf has focussed their teaching efforts on women, queer, and non-binary students and has formerly taught at organizations as varied as BIMM University Berlin and Girls Rock Philly. When not drumming, she co-directs the feminist horror festival, Final Girls Berlin Film Fest.

Ophelie Kauffmann - is a DJ, music producer, and project manager at Open Music Lab. With experience in events, artist management, and many different parts of the music industry, she's interested in ways to support upcoming artists outside the mainstream, in the hope to build a more equitable music scene.

Robert York - is a Berlin based, British born guitarist, composer and educator holding a BA from LCoM and a MMUS from HfM Weimar. He has 15 years of teaching experience at nearly all levels, covering not only guitar but improvisation, composition, ensemble studies and theory. He also maintains an active performing career as a sideman and leader in various projects.

Lisa Baey - has never been able to decide between making music and teaching music. She finally tried to combine the two and completed a degree in "Music and Dance Pedagogy / Rhythmics" at the UdK Berlin and a master's degree in "Improvisation" with flute at the HfMT Leipzig. She currently plays in various bands and ensembles with Albertine Sarges, among others, and teaches flute, parent-child groups, drumming and music and dance for children at the Spandau Music School. She also heads the "Inclusion and Music Therapy" department there. She works as a lecturer at various further education academies such as the Landesmusikakademie and the Universität der Künste to teach people how to teach.

DJ before and after the conversation:

Sid Talukdar: is a Berlin-based DJ who has residencies with Cashmere and Mutant Radio and has contributed guest mixes on NTS Radio. Much like his extensive collection of vinyl, his selection is widespread and focuses on unearthing rare gems from the Global South.

At the networking table, after the conversation, you can meet: Annegret Rehse of musicpaed (a course on music teaching for musicians), Jeremy Woodruff of Berlin School of Sound who has also contributed to the curation of the conversation, and possibly more. 

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27.02.2024 14-18 Uhr // Professioneller Einstieg und Erfolg als DJ

DJ sein ist ein wunderbarer Job, aber auch sehr herausfordernd. In diesem Workshop beschäftigen wir uns insbesondere mit dem ganzen organisatorischen Drumherum. ZIEL dieses Workshops ist es nicht, Dich zu einem besseren DJ zu machen oder Dir Mixing Skills zu vermitteln.

Hier geht es vielmehr darum, Dir Skills, Ideen und Informationen zu vermitteln, die Dir helfen werden, einen Fuß in die Branche zu bekommen, Dich als DJ professionell aufzustellen und bestenfalls Deinen Lebensunterhalt (ganz oder teilweise) mit Auflegen zu verdienen.



  • Wie organisiere ich mich?
  • Wie komme ich an Gigs?
  • Wie spreche ich mit Bookern und Veranstaltern?
  • Welchen Papierkram muss ich beachten?
  • Und wie präsentiere ich mich online?
  • Wie finde ich meinen eigenen Weg?
  • Wie behalte ich einen realistischen Blick und Erwartungen?



Ziel ist es einen Überblick über Möglichkeiten, Wissen und Fähigkeiten zu erlangen, die dabei helfen sich im DJ Business zurechtzufinden.



Dieser Workshop ist für all diejenigen, die sich als DJ professionell aufstellen und positionieren wollen


Coach: Julian Zwingel


12.02.2024 2 pm •• Demo Listening

To capture the attention of record labels amid their limited time, it's crucial to make your music stand out. Join us for a professional evaluation of your 3 songs demo to ensure it leaves a lasting impression on label A&R.

Constructive feedback will help refine your tracks and showcase your dedication and potential for success.

Maximize your opportunities by presenting a polished demo and pave the way for a thriving music career.

This will be a group session with max. 6 people.

Expert: Julien Saumande


19.02.2024 2 pm to 6 pm // The Workflow – System: An easy 3- step way for artists to handle multiple projects at one time

Do any of these common myths about creatives sound familiar to you?

  • Creatives are disorganized
  • They never get to handle their workload.
  • They can´t get things done or work on base of solid systems
  • Suffer from burnout and are chronically exhausted

The truth is: You have everything you need to create and implement an effective organizational system. But as creatives we’re taught to believe this isn’t true. These myths can keep us in a loop of a selfulling prohecy.

Bad time management comes along with starting your day stressed and with negative feelings. It may lead to not being able to fully access your creative potential by getting things not done, missing deadlines or trigger conflicts with collaboration partners, ending up in breach of contract or even turning down job offers for the wrong reasons. 

Lets demystify these myths! This class will teach you an 3 step approach to establish an effective workflow and time management strategy that will give you power and motivation and even maximize your creative workflow instead of blocking it.

It includes practical aspects of project and time management especially for creatives, who struggle with handling multiple projects at the one time, and combines it with new results about humans work habit and neuroscience.

In this class you will learn:

  • How to visualize YOUR goals
  • How to organize and implement a workflow system that actually works ;)
  • How to time block realistically
  •  How to say NO things and feel good about it
  • When to say YES to projects and people


After that workshop each of you will be fully equipped to start a professional life as a working artist with multiple projects to handle at one time.

Coach: Susanne Geisler



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