15.05. + 16.05. + 17.05. 2pm to 5pm The fundamentals of getting your music heard by a record label

The fundamentals of getting your music heard by a record label

This workshop addresses one of the most important questions songwriters, producers and musicians ask themselves - what do I need to do to get my music heard? How can your art stand out from the crowd when looking for a label or a distributor?

Certainly, there are no guarantees of success or a secret recipe - but there are many aspects to consider to increase your chances of being unique in an industry that's overloaded with talent. With certain steps, you can ensure that a desired target group hears your music - be it label A&R, music distributors, booking agencies or just average music consumers.

Creative aspects, technical aspects as well as topics such as distribution and marketing are covered. Based on the topics and knowledge taught in this three-part workshop, you should be able to develop a basic strategy for the release of your music and achieve results.



3 Parts: May 15th, 16th and 17th - 2pm-5pm each




  • Label Research
  • Creating your demo - EP or album
  • Track Selection & Flow
  • Track Lengths
  • How to submit a demo properly to label A&R and stand out among your peers

Production (All genres)

  • What software do you need to maximize your sound?
  • Recording instruments, vocals or making beats? 
  • Fundamentals of mixing - for digital and vinyl
  • Preparing tracks for mastering - digital and vinyl


Post Production (All genres)

  • Mastering
  • Vinyl Mastering & Cutting, what is it and where to get it done
  • Building a press pack - from writing to press shots

Distribution: Digital and Physical

  • Physical - How to approach distributors with your music

1. Production & Distribution deals, what are they and are they worth it

2. Know how much to press and print with regard to the current market

  • Digital - Finding the best outlet for maximizing the reach of your music


1. Preparing your digital files for distribution.

2. What is MetaData and why it’s important   


  • PR firm or DIY? The benefits of both
  • Submitting your music for review - to where and to whom

Booking Agents / Or how to book your own tour


  • How to prepare yourself before contacting a booking agency or promotor
  • What to expect: Booking fees, Booking Percentages or Door Deals, which one is right for you
  • How to approach clubs and promoters - networking
  • Performance contracts: From flights to hotels make sure your basics are covered
  • Riders: Making your out of town and in town performance as smooth as possible

The Basics of Publishing

  • Which collection society should you register your work: GEMA, BMI, ASCAP, SACEM, et al
  • Registering your work
  • What is the difference between performing right royalties, mechanical royalties and sync royalties
  • Publishing “deals”. What are they and what to expect


All attendees should leave with a basic understanding of the inner workings of the music industry. Have a working knowledge of demo preparation all the way to publishing. Have an informed view of the business side of music, and be confident in their approach to releasing music (labels or DIY) and touring (agencies or DIY).

Coach: Steven Ford aka Bruno Pronsato


24.04.2023 14-18 Uhr// Musikrecht Basics

Dieser Workshop bietet einen Überblick über die wichtigsten Rechtsbereiche und -fragen, die eine*r Musikschaffenden im Laufe der Karriere begegnen.

Zu den zentralen Themen gehören hier sicher der Schutz des eigenen (und auch fremden) geistigen Eigentums sowie verschiedene Vertragsarten, mit denen man zwangsläufig im Zuge der eigenen musikalischen Professionalisierung konfrontiert wird.

Nicht minder wichtig ist es zu wissen, wie man sich im Internet verhält, den vom eigenen Webauftritt über die Nutzung von Social Media Plattformen bis hin zu Lizenzen bei der Nutzung externer Inhalte gibt es hier sehr viel zu beachten.

Die Anwältin und Music Pool Berlin Dozentin Ingrid Yeboah verschafft Euch einen Überblick über die wichtigsten Aspekte in diesem Zusammenhang und bietet im Verlauf des Workshops auch genügend Raum für Eure Fragen.


  • Urheberrecht für Musikschaffende
  • Vertragsgestaltung
  • Rechtssicher im Internet und Social Media


Musikschaffende, die sich einen Überblick über rechtliche Rahmenbedungen des professionellen Musiker*innen Daseins informieren wollen


Überblick über rechtlichen Rahmen in der Musikbranche und Beantwortung individueller Fragen

Coach: Ingrid Yeboah


17.04.2023 14-18 Uhr // Berufsperspektiven in der Musikbranche

Es gibt wohl kaum eine Branche, um die sich mehr Mythen und Annahmen ranken, als die Musikindustrie.

Kann man hier überhaupt noch Geld verdienen, gibt es hier überhaupt ernstzunehmende Berufe, macht es Sinn, seine Karriereplanung auf eine Karriere in dieser gefühlt immer krisengeschüttelten Branche auszurichten?

Natürlich gibt es mehr als nur den/die Künstler*in auf der Bühne - je mehr diese zu einem "Produkt" werden, welches vermarktet werden soll, desto mehr Berufe kommen zum Einsatz.

Da es kaum einen Lebensbereich heutzutage gibt, der ohne Musik oder Sound auskommt, gibt es also auch viele seriöse und teils auch lukrative Berufe in dieser Branche. Einerseits bieten sich also viele Möglichkeiten, in einer sehr kreativen und spannenden Branchen eine berufliche Existenz aufzubauen - andererseits bietet diese Branche auch vielen Künstler*innen zahlreiche Möglichkeiten, das eigene künstlerische Schaffen durch einen soliden Daytime-job gegenzufinanzieren, ohne dabei Kellnern oder Taxifahren zu müssen.



Dieser Workshop stellt Euch die verschiedenen Segmente der Musikindustrie mit den jeweiligen Berufsbildern vor. 

Ihr erfahrt, welche Voraussetzungen hier jeweils zu erfüllen sind, welche Möglichkeiten es gibt einen Fuß in die Tür zu bekommen und welcher Zweig dieser Industrie am besten zu Euch passt.


Dieser Workshop ist für: Quereinsteiger:innen und Umsattler:innen, die einen Überblick für die verschiedenen Segmente und Berufsmöglichkeiten innerhalb der Musikindustrie bekommen möchten.

Berufssuchende, die nicht ganz sicher sind, welche Jobs zu ihren Skills und Interessen passt.

Kreativschaffende, die nebenberuflich in der Musikbranche dazu verdienen wollen und gleichzeitig sinnvoll ihr Netzwerk erweitern möchten. 

Coach Eva Rölen


03.04. + 04.04.2023 2pm to 6pm// COME TOGETHER: THE POWER OF SOCIAL IDENTITY


How to convert listeners into fans and build your artist community


2-Part Workshop:

3rd and 4th April 2023, 2 pm-6 pm



In the era of music streaming, it probably has never been easier to reach millions of listeners and stay completely unnoticed as an artist at the same time. A hit on Spotify with millions of streams is without a doubt something valuable, but this value has an expiration date looking around the corner already and mostly after a short high there’s nothing left but a long low.

What really matters for almost every artist is the sustainable development of a long-term career in making music. To achieve one of the most important objectives, there are three things you need to be successful: great music, an outstanding artist brand, and committed and passionate fans, who interact with each other, share interests, values, and purpose, and are connected by an overwhelming feeling of belonging, in short: you need an artist community.

Within the workshop come together: the power of social identity - how to convert listeners into fans and build your artist community participants learn what an artist community is, why they or their artists probably need one, and how to define the strategic core to create such a community. Furthermore, they will develop a general understanding of the underlying theoretical constructs: the theory of social identity by Taifel & Turner, the idea of brand communities by Muniz & O’Guinn and the concept of participatory culture by Jenk- ins. To conclude the theoretical chapter the artist community checklist will be introduced as a handy tool to make sure you got what you need to kick of your community. Eventually, participants are presented with the concept of the sales & marketing funnel as well as perspectives from the world of customer relationship management as practical tools for building an artist community before they will get to know a variety of best practices from the world of brands and artists alike.



  1. what is a community? what is an artist community?
  2. why do I need an artist community?
  3. the core of it all: the artist's brand identity as part of the strategy
  4. it’s about your vision, your purpose, and yourself


  1. belonging: the social identity theory by Henri Tajfel & John C. Turner
  2. i like your style: brand communities by Albert Muniz Jr. & Thomas C. O'Guinn
  3. we’re in this together: participatory culture by Henry Jenkins
  4. come together: the artist community checklist


  1. define your strategy first: the artist's brand canvas
  2. create the journey: the sales & marketing funnel
  3. it’s a three-letter word: CRM
  4. a like apple: best practices brand communities
  5. b like black pink: best practices artist communities


The workshop is addressed to artists, managements, labels, agencies, students, export offices and everyone interested in the aspect of artist & brand communities. The workshop can be realized with a group up to 10 participants. The full program has a temporal scope of 8 to 12 hours. The program is also designed as a lecture for university students focusing on music business, culture and entertainment management and can be adjusted to lecture and seminar. It can also be customized to a 60 to 90 minutes single lecture for showcase festivals, music industry events and further educational programs.

Coach: Andreas Weckenbrock


27.03.2023 2pm to 6pm // Kill Your Inner Critic With a Pen - a creative writing workshop

On the surface, this is a workshop about lyric writing hacks: how to get started, where to pull the ideas from, perspective-shifting, transposing film language to lyric writing, activating your senses, synaesthesia, etc. Under the hood, tho, it’s really a course about tapping into the zone using stream-of-consciousness writing and, with that, slaying your inner critic and keeping writer’s block at bay.

The course was designed with lyricists and songwriters in mind, but the same techniques can be applied to any other creative endeavors that utilize writing or ideation.

Participants will test-drive a series of exercises and routines designed to enhance creativity and help achieve what is known as the flow state. After the completion of the course, these exercises should then be deployed as a part of a daily routine (highly recommended) or, at least, during periods of intense creative work. The process is where the magic is at.



Lukasz Polowczyk is a Berlin-based sound artist, poet, and educator. His artistic practice is based around the protocols of translating the poetic intentionality of an idea across a variety of expressions and media. Hence, in his world, a poem can be expressed as a sound-art piece, a spoken word composition backed by an experimental jazz ensemble, a site-specific audio-visual installation, a book or a series of grainy, abstract photos. Steven Barker (Wire Magazine) called him “an artist who specializes in the most candid forms of gritty self-exploration.” In a recent profile piece, Electronic Sound introduced his latest album (Noise in the Key of Life) as “provocative and meditative, blurring the line between art and life.” Over the last three years, the artist’s work has been regularly featured in the Wire Magazine, played on BBC3 Late Junction, Lefto’s Kiosk Radio show as well as a variety of BBC6 shows hosted by Mary Anne Hobbs.



  • 2,00 € per month
  • approx. $2.17 per month
  • Info-board - current news from the (Berlin) music and creative scene (open calls, funding programs, job offers, events etc.) // Info-Board (Aktuelles zu Ausschreibungen, Jobs, Förderprogrammen u.v.m.) MusicPoolBerlin, and immediately

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